Grow Global Citizens for a Digital Age

The connections we have in today's digital age present a great opportunity to encourage the bond of citizenship throughout our society, now and forever. Growing Global Digital Citizens is the roadmap to accomplishing this with your students the right way.


“This groundbreaking book is an exciting and fresh discussion of the dynamic responsibilities inherent to living in an ever-smaller global village, where respect for the planet and its inhabitants is as important as more iconic digital citizenship topics like privacy and social media.”

Jacqui Murray, owner of

What is a 
Global Digital Citizen?

Global digital citizenship addresses how we participate and contribute in the blended physical and digital worlds, and how we can leverage the digital world to grow wise, compassionate, and conscientious citizens in this new reality.

At its heart, global digital citizenship is more than simply reading agreements, following guidelines, and adopting mindsets. It’s a way of living and a living process—a seed we plant in our minds that steadily grows into a set of unconscious beliefs and practices that will one day transform the entire world.

Like any living seeds, the ideas of global digital citizenship are nurtured with time in a rich and fertile environment. They need a little feeding and some tending to every day. Awareness, practice, and open discussion help keep these ideas alive and growing. 

That's the whole idea behind Growing Global Digital Citizens. If your goal is to nurture a sense of responsibility and well-being within your students—along with a wish for others to have the same—then this book is the trusted roadmap to your assured success. 


"Through this book, the authors will provoke you with contemporary thought and approaches about how to embrace digital technologies as part of our students’ world. It's a user-friendly framework for teachers and school leaders to work collaboratively with students and their community to enhance learning as global digital citizens.”

Marcus Knill, principal consultant, Department of Education and Child Development, Australia

How to grow 
Global Digital Citizens

Growing Global Digital Citizens is a work of passion from authors Lee Watanabe-Crockett and Andrew Churches, and is dedicated to teachers all over the globe striving to make a positive impact in every student's life. 

Written for K–12 educators and administrators, it consists of seven chapters on global digital citizenship, as well as a generous offering of reproducible resources you can use to support your students. Each chapter also ends with guiding questions for gauging your learning and progress, and for provoking insightful conversations inside your professional learning network about global digital citizenship and its impact on education and the world.

In Growing Global Digital Citizens, you'll learn about the defining characteristics of an exemplary global digital citizen. You'll see how to evaluate and update your own school's acceptable technology use policies, and find out how your advance team can create a strategy to keep the agreements supported in the school environment.

Additionally, you'll have access to dozens of teaching tools, scenarios, professional tips and guidelines, and much more to make your journey a success.


“Throughout this book, Lee and Andrew provide the why and how for schools, teachers, and parents to foster positive digital thinking in our students. By establishing student-centered guidelines, building staff capacity, teaching and modeling, and furthering family education, Lee and Andrew share that it is not just about digital; the learning behind respect and responsibility make our students better global citizens.”

Craig Cantlie, principal, and founder of TEDxWestVancouverED

Empower students to effectively and ethically participate in and contribute to the digital world around them. Purchase your copy of Growing Global Digital Citizens today.


Growing Global 
Digital Citizens

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