All learning begins with a question, one that inspires curiosity and creates truly authentic learning. Bring these kinds of questions to each and every teaching adventure with The Essential Guide to Essential Questions

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The Essential Guide to Essential Questions

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"Essential questions can help narrow down the topic and provide direction ... this book will help in getting important concepts across to children." 

Kim F.

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Denise T.

Since time began, humanity has asked essential questions. And simply because we have asked, we have accomplished wonders. One of our primary goals as educators is guiding our learners toward achieving a mindset of independent thought and action, and showing them how to take responsibility for their learning. Adopting healthy questioning behaviours is crucial to attaining this. 

How do we begin creating essential and herding questions that matter? It's easy with The Essential Guide to Essential Questions. This colourful bestselling guide contains everything educators need and more for understanding, creating, and assessing essential questions for inspired learning. It's packed with tips, tools, case studies, rubrics, exercises, and more for mastering essential and herding questions.

The basis of all learning resides in asking questions that drive useful and relevant learning journeys. They are essential and meaningful, and their inquisitive nature initiates more specific and focused—or “herding”—questions. The Essential Guide to Essential Questions is your ideal roadmap through the art and science of understanding and mastering essential questions, and designing them to give rise to other questions that will naturally lead learners to more specific areas of discovery and focus in regard to what they’re learning.

This teacher-friendly guide is packed full of studies. teaching tools, guidelines, tips and tricks, and much more that you can begin using right away in your classrooms. Beginning with a lively discussion about the nature of essential questions, the book takes you on a detailed journey of the anatomy of an essential question, complete with colourful visual studies and clear examples of how essential questions can be expanded upon naturally within any lesson to develop increasingly more specific herding questions to guide learners' curiosity.

How Can This Guide Help You Ask Better Questions?

The benefits educators will find within the The Essential Guide to Essential Questions don't stop there, either. In addition to the study of how to craft essential questions, you'll receive a great selection of engaging and challenging worksheets and activities that will keep your students guessing and growing—and most importantly, asking authentic and truly substantive essential questions that help them develop high levels of very practical questioning skills, along with independent critical thinking abilities for a lifetime of learning.

As far as tools for teachers go, the guide has you covered there too. The first tool you'll make use of is an Essential Question Builder, featuring five phases of exploration to consider when designing your EQs. Next, you'll get something called the Essential Questions matrix, a comprehensive table you can use to grade questions on a scale of 1 to 5 against detailed criteria. Last of all, you've get a tool that guides you in the process of building essential questions activities, a quick express checklist for evaluation, and so much more.