Help learners build critical thinking muscle with The Critical Thinking Companion—packed full of teaching tools, engaging worksheets and activities, rubrics for skill assessment, and brain-boosting challenges in full colour.

The Ultimate 

Critical Thinking Guide


Bring the power of critical thinking to your students with The Critical Thinking Companion, only from Wabisabi Learning.

"The Critical Thinking Companion is a great resource. I'm using it with a cohort of graduate students, and also applying it to my own thinking. Don't just think—first, get this book!"  



Critical thinking is more than just a skill for learning; it's a skill for life. Everyone, not just our students, can benefit from enhanced thinking skills both in and out of the classroom. The Critical Thinking Companion is the perfect field guide for learning how to think critically, and having plenty of fun doing it.

Bursting with challenges and activities in colour, it's designed to make the process of developing and improving critical thinking skills enjoyable for just about anyone. There's something for every student and educator in this powerhouse guide—it's truly a critical resource for classrooms.

How can this guide help you?

Let's face it—thinking critically isn't always easy, but like any other skill you learn, the process of learning it should be enjoyable and immersive. That's why we designed The Critical Thinking Companion to be a guide that teachers and students would find both easy and fun to explore together or on their own.

All the classroom-friendly worksheets and activities in this guide can be used instantly in practically any learning environment. They provide strong thinking challenges and problem-solving exercises that are suitable for a wide range of interests and grade levels—from primary to secondary and beyond.

The Critical Thinking Companion is an educator's dream guide, too. Alongside the main worksheets and activities for learners of every kind, you'll love the teaching resources included, such as a whole section of inquiry-based learning scenarios for all school levels—primary, middle, and secondary.

Measuring critical thinking skills can be tough, but don't worry. In addition to the learning scenarios, this popular guide also includes a full 6-section rubric for assessing the most crucial skill sets of effective critical thinking. It's all you need and more for fostering powerful critical thinking in learners.


"This is full of amazing activities to do with your students, or just by yourself along with some great basic understanding of what critical thinking is. The rubrics are also exceptional and a great talking point with students."  



The Critical Thinking Companion